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Bento Cakes

Bento cakes, couple cakes made with exquisite berries, almonds and topped with cream cheese berry frosting, these call for a celebration with your loved ones. 

Our bento cakes are perfect for smaller groups of 3-4 or celebration of 2.

Get any flavour bento cake by just choosing 300gm option in the cake. 

Our Butter Cake Collections

Berry Cakes

Soft, fluffy, golden brown, butter cake infused with the rich flavour of... 

Chocolate Cakes

For an event to be extravagant, decadant & unforgettable, it must be... 

Cupcake Bites

This is no ordinary cupcake. This is a cupcake-bite... a love-bite!

It's a hug from mom when you miss home, a treat for a job well done, a guilt-free moment of self care. It's the perfect sorry after your first fight, a sweet end to a Girls' Night out or a guy's hangout, a baby shower return gift or a surprise evening treat for the kids. So be it a treat for 1 or party for 10, this bite-size piece of love will transform any simple day into something extraordinary.

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