About Us

Hi! This is Anjana AKA The Baker & Suki AKA The reason you found your way to Cakeday! And this is our story..


A 2 year old. A beater. And lockdown. These were the ingredients that led to the creation of Cakeday Bakehouse. It was my quest to find a healthy snack that I could let my toddler eat freely, while being cooped up at home that led me to discovering the incredible world of baking. I was bowled over by the magic that could be created by beating together a simple mixture of flour, fruits, butter & sugar. I soon became a self taught home baker with an obsession for creating delicious healthy alternatives for store bought cakes. My family and friends took on the role of enthusiast guinea pigs and soon apple crumble cheesecake & carrot orange cake became much awaited “guests” at get-togethers. But then I wanted to spread the joy of these cakes with more than just friends and family so the idea of Cakeday appeared.


But for every good idea to succeed it needs an even better advocate. As an avid foodie, finding dessert that I could eat guilt free has always been a challenge. And then I happened to become one of Anjana’s guinea pigs. To my surprise the cakes were not just good but great. They were good because they tasted delicious but they were great because of the thoughtful care with which each cake was baked. Right from ingredients to sugar to being preservative free, every cake was thought-through to be delicious, healthy & nourishing. Soon I was ordering Anjana’s cakes regularly & it became a family favourite for all special occasions. I also knew there were a lot of people who would be equally thrilled as me by these cakes, if only we could get the message out there.

Once our thoughts aligned the concept of Cakeday took off. While the first phase of Cakeday was a bumpy ride, it was also packed with learning experiences. But through it all we have remained committed to creating cakes of the finest quality baked with lots of love and care that you can enjoy dessert at home, guilt free, just like we do at ours!