What are bento cakes

What is a Bento Cake?

"Bento" is a Japanese word that refers to a lunch box. Bento cakes are small cakes that are approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter and weigh around 250 to 300 grams, making them sufficient for two people. They come packaged in a small box called a "Bento box." Bento cakes are most popular in Japan and Korea, but in recent years, they have gained popularity in India, especially in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Bento cakes are also known as Bento box cakes, Japanese cakes, Korean cakes, and lunch box cakes.

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When to order Bento Cakes?

There are some occasions where you need to order larger cakes of 1kg or 2kg, and there are some occasions where you need to order a smaller cake. Bento cakes are perfect for such occasions. Below are some events that call for ordering Bento cakes.

1. When you crave for a cake to enjoy it as a Desert:

Bento cakes Bangalore

Sometimes, you might find yourself alone at home and craving for cake, but you don't want to order a large half-kilogram cake (which is the min quantity offered by most cake shops and bakeries) as it might go to waste. In such situations, our Bento cakes are the perfect solution. Our Bento cakes come in smaller sizes that are ideal for one person, so you can indulge in your cake cravings without any leftovers or waste. Order one of our Bento cakes and enjoy a delicious treat all to yourself.

2. Send a cake to wish your friends or family a happy birthday or celebrate a special occasion

Imagine celebrating your birthday with your family at home, only to receive 5 to 6 cakes from your friends and family as gifts. While it may seem like a sweet gesture, the reality is that half of each cake goes uneaten, leading to a lot of waste and an unpleasant feeling. 

This is a common mistake people make when sending cakes to loved ones - they opt for large ½ kg or 1 kg cakes without considering that others may also send cakes of the same size, leading to excessive quantities. In such cases, Bento cakes are the perfect solution. With a weight of around 300 grams, they are just enough for two people and are the ideal size to send as gifts. 

Now, imagine the same situation of receiving 5 to 6 Bento cakes on your special day, with just enough for you and your family to enjoy a small piece of each cake without any waste. It's a much better feeling than wasting cakes, don't you think?

3. Celebrate your special day with just the two of you

Bento Cakes in Bangalore

Whether you want to surprise your partner on their birthday at midnight, makeup after a small quarrel, announce a pregnancy, or celebrate any other special occasion intimately, a Bento cake is the perfect choice. These small, beautifully crafted cakes are just the right size for sharing between two people, making them the ideal dessert for those intimate moments with your loved one. So, whether it's a romantic evening or a special celebration, make it even more memorable with a delicious Bento cake.

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Cakeday Bakehouse makes the best cheesecakes and bento cakes in Bangalore. At least that’s what people who have tasted our cakes say. We pride ourselves on using only high-quality, preservative-free ingredients in all our cakes, with no substitutes or added colours. To ensure that our cakes are as healthy as possible, we use brown sugar instead of white sugar, which is a healthier choice. Additionally, all our cakes are eggless, as we understand that there is always someone in a group who skips the cake because it contains eggs. Rest assured, you won't be able to tell the difference between our delicious eggless cakes and those made with eggs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the weight of Bento Cake?

A typical Bento cake is around 250 grams to 300 grams. You can get 300g Bento cakes at Cakeday in Bangalore.

2. Why is it called a Bento Cake?

"Bento" in the japanese language means lunchbox. As Bento cakes are very small in size, typically a size of a small lunch box, they are called Bento cakes.


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