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5 Best Cakes for Mother’s Day to Order for May 14th

This year, International Mother's Day falls on May 14th. It is celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of May each year. This day holds great significance as it allows us to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work, sacrifices, and lifelong dedication that mothers provide for their children.

Mothers are undeniably the most hardworking members of any family, tirelessly fulfilling their responsibilities without any breaks. They work tirelessly, 24/7, throughout the year. Therefore, it is important for us to take the opportunity to shower our mothers with love and affection on Mother's Day. One way to do this is by celebrating with delightful cakes and heartfelt greeting cards. To help make this special day even more memorable, we have selected the best Mother’s Day cake designs you can order from us. Here are the top 5 cakes for Mother's Day you can order from Cakeday Bakehouse:

1. Mango Cake

Mothers day cakes

With the mango season reaching its peak, our Mango cakes have become our best-selling items this season. As the season is set to conclude within the next two months, why not savor the delectable delight of cakes made with fresh, real mango fruit? Our Mango Cake is crafted exclusively from real fruits, without any added flavours or substitutes. The delightful mango tastes you experience is derived solely from the genuine mango fruits incorporated into the baking process. Therefore, now is the ideal time to indulge in our Mango Cake and relish the authentic fruit cake experience. Order the cake for Mother’s Day Now!

2. Carrot Orange Cake

Mothers day cakes

Mothers have always prioritized our health by ensuring we consume fruits and vegetables every day. So, why not treat yourself to a cake that combines both fruit and vegetable elements? At Cakeday Bakehouse, our Carrot Orange cake stands out as a truly unique creation. This in-house recipe has received numerous repeat orders and has become a customer favourite.

The Carrot Orange cake is a delightful fusion of flavours, blending the natural sweetness of carrots with the refreshing tang of oranges. It offers a perfect balance between the vegetable and fruit components. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than by gifting your mother a cake that showcases this creative fusion? It is undeniably one of the best cake options to honour and appreciate your mother on this special day. You can order this Happy Mother’s Day cake now and get 10% OFF on your order.

3. Apple Crumble Cheesecake

Mothers day gift 14th may

Over the past two to three years, cheesecake has been gaining popularity in India. This delectable treat is not only delicious but also considered a healthier cake option. Our Apple Crumble Cheesecake, in particular, is made with real apple fruit crunchy chunks, almonds, and oats.

The cake consists of three delightful layers. The first layer features a crunchy oats crumble base, providing a satisfying texture. The second layer is a thick and creamy cheesecake filling, offering a rich and indulgent experience. Finally, the top layer showcases real apple fruit chunks, adding a burst of fruity freshness. This combination creates one of the most flavoursome cheesecakes you'll ever taste.

If you've never had the pleasure of trying cheesecake before, this is the perfect cake to order. We assure you that once you experience the taste of cheesecake, you'll be hooked and never look back. Many Indian mothers may not have had the chance to try cheesecake, making it an exciting and unique cake for Mother's Day.

4. Raspberry Bento Cake

International Mothers day 14 may

If you stay away from your parents and discover that they are not particularly fond of cakes, the Raspberry Bento Cake offers an ideal solution to send them a delightful treat. Bento cakes are smaller in size, weighing around 300g, which is perfectly portioned for two people. This ensures that there is no wastage, unlike larger cakes that may go uneaten.

Our Raspberry Bento Cake, specifically, is the top-selling option in this category. It is crafted using real Raspberry fruits, roasted almonds, and a hint of vanilla butter. The combination of these flavours creates a delightful and satisfying experience. This cake is designed to be enjoyed entirely by one person or shared between two individuals, making it a perfect choice for your parents. It's a great alternative to traditional cakes, ensuring they can savour a delightful dessert without any excess and an excellent cake for Mother’s Day to order.

5. Chocolate Almond Truffle Cake

Mothers day cake 14th may

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? It is a go-to cake for everyone. A well-made chocolate cake has the power of making your day special. Our Chocolate Almond Truffle cake is no exception. It is made of high-quality chocolates, roasted almonds, and authentic butter topped with chocolate truffle balls making it the best chocolate almond truffle you are ever going to taste. It is the safest cake for Mother’s Day to order if you are not sure which flavour your mom likes. 

Cakeday Bakehouse is a place where you can get premium cakes at very affordable prices in Bangalore. Our cakes are free from added preservatives, substitutes, and artificial colors. Furthermore, all our cakes are eggless, as there is always at least one person in a group who prefers eggless options. We offer same-day delivery across Bangalore. You can order our cakes for Mother’s Day today and select the delivery time slot of your choice. We ensure that your Mother's Day gift will be the best your mom has ever received.

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